Riddle me this

January 5, 2009 at 5:31 pm (Food)

Made waffles for New Year’s day. (Well, day after, to tell the truth. Something about a hangover. Let’s not go there.) Buttermilk waffles, more exactly. With some home-cured pancetta, of course.
The problem with making buttermilk waffles, unfortunately, is finding the buttermilk itself. Granted, you can always go to a major grocery store and buy a liter of the stuff (did you know that its name in French has changed from “babeurre” to “lait de beurre”?), but then you’re usually left with about 50-75% of the stuff after you’ve made your waffles. Thankfully, I’ve got a great murgh makhani recipe that uses it up, but then that requires planning for making both recipes within a short period of time.
There is also the option of making your own butter, which would leave you with some buttermilk afterward.
Ah, but here’s the riddle: the waffle recipe requires both buttermilk and butter, which are derived from heavy cream. Couldn’t I simply make the recipe with only cream instead?


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