Car-ma (?) can be a harsh mistress

June 15, 2009 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m driving the birthday boy to daycare this morning. I’m at a red light, and from behind comes a woman on a scooter. Unfortunately, she pulls the ultimate dick move and gets to the right of me, so that she can accelerate faster and get in front when the light turns green.
Naturally enough, the light turns green, and she’s off as quick as her mini-rice cooker allows her. Of course, she’s always stopped at the next red light when I get there, but what can you do? At a certain point, she does get one stop ahead of me, but she hasn’t gained any time over me.
Then, at one point I veer right at a fork, she’s at a red light one the left fork. As I’m driving past, her light turns green, she moves forward a bit but then stops (but that might just be witness memory on my part), and the car behind her keeps moving forward, hits her rear tire and sends her tumbling off her (now) destroyed scooter. I slow down, wondering if I should go over and offer first aid, but she’s up on her feet, yelling at the car driver.
I continue on my way, see cops on the next street, tell them about the accident, and am off. Someone’s getting a new scooter, methinks.


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